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Nyaania Creek Darlington Residence – Living in nature, house nestled within the landscape
5. Nyaania Creek Darlington Residence – Living in nature

Wellness architecture and design specialists servicing Bunbury, Busselton, Dunsborough and the South West


Wellness architecture and design specialists servicing Bunbury, Busselton, Dunsborough and the South West


Talk to us about wellness architecture


Talk to us about wellness architecture

Nyaania Creek Darlington Residence – House nestled within the landscape

Why is wellness architectural design important?

People are familiar with sustainable building design principles, but less so when it comes to wellness architectural design. Where sustainable design focuses on what is good for the planet, wellness architectural design focuses on what is good for the people occupying a building.


“Our clients come in search of someone who can truly listen and understand their needs and values. We harmonise in that moment and I can attune myself to design buildings that are unique to them and enhance their overall wellbeing.”

- Alice Ostrowski

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What is Wellness architectural design?

Do you want to immerse yourself in a built environment that encourages personal growth, enjoyment and working in a healthy and balanced way? Of course, you do.


Wellness architectural design is the answer.


As Winston Churchill observed, “we shape our buildings, and afterwards, they shape us”.


Wellness design and architecture is the practice of combining art and science to design built environments which focus on socially sensible processes and materials to promote a harmonious equilibrium between physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual wellbeing and the natural environment. 

How do we achieve wellness architectural design?

At AO Architects, our design foundations incorporate wellness and sustainability by careful consideration of:

The environment

A building in harmony with the surrounding environment contributes to our wellness.
Using sustainably sourced materials and site conscious design creates environmentally appropriate architecture.
Recycling, renewing and restoring old buildings rather than demolishing and building new, reduces environmental waste and celebrates history and culture.


Creating harmonious spaces which endorse healing, contemplation and calm, with a strong connection to nature and the land can enhance our spirituality and ability to restore and reconnect to our faith, ancestors and core belief systems.


Active consideration of design and construction processes which reduce your financial stress and anxiety will lead to increased enjoyment of your unique build. Architect designed buildings are highly valuable and sought after, resulting in better return on investment and financial outcomes for end-users, sellers and developers.

Social connection

Connecting with friends, family and the community is an integral aspect of our daily lives and wellbeing.
Our building designs promote social interaction, collaboration and connectedness while making provision for personal privacy when needed.

Occupational wellbeing

Creating workplaces that facilitate wellness and wellbeing results in positive outcomes in the form of increased staff retention and reduced health and productivity issues. It benefits the whole community and ultimately, your business’ bottom line. 

Emotional wellbeing

Light, colours, texture, space and shapes interact with our senses consciously and subconsciously to evoke feelings of nostalgia, enthusiasm and excitement. 
Our mental wellbeing is entwined with our emotional connections and so it’s important to be acquainted with both when designing to cater for our emotional needs. 

Physical wellbeing

Toxic food can impact our physical wellbeing as can toxic building materials over time. We consider the material properties of building elements and how they can affect our health. We design spaces that are safe and ergonomic, with improved access to exercise, to improve physical wellbeing. 

Intellectual stimulation

Exciting architecture not only stimulates our minds, it encourages learning, new experiences and improved lifestyles we didn’t think were possible. Our inspired cultural spaces facilitate creativity and for us to lead stimulating and successful lives.

The Wheel of Wellness Architectural Design